Flexifoil Camera Kite

  • Aerial Photography: The Flexifoil Camera Kite is designed for capturing stunning aerial photographs and videos, providing a unique perspective to your photography without the need for a separate camera or smartphone (note that a camera is not included).
  • Stable and Steady Flight: With its stable and steady flight characteristics, this kite ensures your camera equipment remains in a fixed position, allowing for clear and smooth shots.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable and high-quality materials, the Camera Kite is designed to withstand various weather conditions and provide lasting performance.
  • Easy to Fly: Even for beginners, this kite is easy to fly, making it accessible to photographers and videographers looking to experiment with aerial imagery.
  • Compatible with Various Cameras: While the package doesn’t include a camera or smartphone, the Flexifoil Camera Kite is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including action cameras and lightweight point-and-shoot models, providing flexibility for your photography needs.




Flying High with the Flexifoil Camera Kite

When it comes to capturing breath-taking aerial shots, there’s never been a more exciting time. Even those of us without a background in camera or drone technology can snag sky-high snaps that truly inspire.

Unpacking the Concept: Kite Photography

First off, let’s demystify the concept of kite photography. Think of it as a fusion between a joyous childhood pastime and advanced drone technology. Harnessing the power of the wind, your camera takes flight, let by a premium kite. And here’s the kicker – no pilot experience needed!

As a result, you can capture phenomenal images from a bird’s-eye perspective, all while firmly rooted on terra firma.

Flexifoil Camera Kites: A Snapshot

In the universe of kite-enabled photography, the camera kite offers beginners and seasoned flyers alike an ingenious tool to get stunning aerial frames conveniently.

Something remarkable about the camera kite is that it was conceived by Flexifoil in the early 1980s but was only brought to market in the last few years when technology allowed. And it’s not just the kite enthusiasts who trust Flexifoil – even Sir Richard Branson chose the brand for some world-record kite escapades!

A Close Up on Features

High-Quality Aerial Shots: Sky-High Snaps

At the heart of the Camera Kite is its unparalleled capacity for capturing high-quality aerial shots. You could be a novice with a camera or a seasoned photography enthusiast – with this marvel of design, you will get sky-high photos that stand out, all without needing their operator to be a camera pro.

Fly Time Focused: User Experience

The Flexifoil Camera Kite isn’t just about the end product. A great deal of thought goes into ensuring a delightfully user-friendly experience. This becomes evident as soon as you unbox your kite. With an easy unwinding mechanism, this kite can go soaring high in no time, delivering great shots each time.

The flying time of this kite also makes it stand out. The camera kite operates brilliantly under wind speeds up to 20 mph, offering a stable flight path for clear, clean photos.

Adaptability to Winds: Performance Indices

A remarkable facet of the Camera Kite is its consistent performance even under fluctuating wind conditions. It’s no small advantage that the kite can hold its own under winds up to 20 mph.

This dependable adaptability ensures you’re not left twiddling thumbs waiting for the wind conditions to be perfect. Instead, you’re off the ground, capturing impressive aerial shots in no time.

Unravelling the Kit Components

Protection Gear: Safety First

Safety doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to the Camera Kite. Included in your kit, you’ll find safety gloves, because taking precautions always counts and every flight should be a safe one.

Storage Bags: Organisation at its Best

We know the importance of keeping things neat, both for the long-term maintenance of your gear and for a smooth, stress-free experience. That’s why, in the kit, storage bags are provided for all components. Because when everything is in its place, you can focus on what you do best – capturing stunning aerial shots!

An Anchor Leash: Independent Flight

Something that truly sets the Camera Kite apart is its ability to fly independently. Thanks to an anchor leash included in the kit, you don’t need to hold on to the kite continuously. Simply secure the leash, and let your kite soar.

Guide to Operation

Reel In and Out: Pro Level Flight

One often overlooked yet incredibly crucial aspect of kite flying is the reeling mechanism. You’ll be relieved to know that the Camera Kite has a smooth and easy reeling system that takes minimal effort to operate. With just a few turns, your kite will be soaring high, ready to capture stunning images from above.

60-Page User Manual: All Questions Answered

It’s ok if you’re new to the world of kiting – the Camera Kite has got you covered. Each kit comes with a detailed 60-page user manual. Counting your loops and anchors has never been easier. You’ll move from novice to expert in no time!

Stylish and Strong: Design Elements

Elegant Colours: Style Reinvented

Style matters, even in the sky. And the Flexifoil Camera Kite certainly scores high in this department. Offered in a variety of stylish colours, the kite adds a burst of vibrant beauty to the blue sky, making the experience of flying it even more enjoyable.

Waterproof Backpack: Durable and Reliable

Each Camera Kite comes with a waterproof backpack. This ensures that no matter what, your gear stays protected from the elements. Whether you’re heading towards the shore or going on a wild adventure, you can rest assured that your kite and camera are well protected.

Stabiliser and Dacron Cage: Stability Simplified

At the very core of a great aerial shot lies the stability of your camera. The Camera Kite solves this with a stabiliser that keeps the camera straight and stable even in the wind. Protecting the kite spars is a cage made from Dacron, a thermoplastic polymer. This renders both power and stability, ensuring clear, awesome snaps every time.

The Power of Material

Nylon Ripstop Material: The Power of Lightweight

When we said the Camera Kite is robust and lightweight, we were not just throwing words around. It’s made from nylon ripstop, a fabric known for its durability and strength. While it is as light as a feather, it certainly doesn’t compromise when it comes to strength!

Flexifoil: A Peek into the Brand

Brand Overview

Mention kite flying and one name that resurfaces time and again is Flexifoil. It’s a brand that kite enthusiasts worldwide swear by. Thanks to its history dating back to 1972, Flexifoil has a long-standing reputation in the power kiting world. Its inventions over the years have spearheaded the sport.

The Richard Branson Feat: A Landmark

Underlining the brand’s iconic status further is the fact that Sir Richard Branson chose Flexifoil for his world record kite-surfing feat. It’s safe to say that with the Camera Kite, you’re in reliable company!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Do I need previous kite flying experience to use the Flexifoil Camera Kite?

No, the Flexifoil Camera Kite is designed for both beginners and experienced users. Its user-friendly design and easy reeling system ensure that anyone can get stunning aerial shots, regardless of their experience with kite flying.

Question 2

What is Power Kiting?

Power Kiting is a form of kite flying that uses the wind’s power to generate significant pull. It’s an exciting sport and was pioneered by Flexifoil in 1972. Many even use power kites for kiteboarding and snowkiting!

Question 3

Will I be able to fly the kite in strong winds?

Absolutely! The Flexifoil Camera Kite performs reliably under wind speeds up to 20 mph, offering a stable flight path for clear, clean photos.

Question 4

What is included in the Camera Kite kit?

The kit comprises safety gloves, storage bags, a user manual, an anchor leash, a waterproof backpack, a stabiliser, a Dacron cage, and, of course, the Camera Kite with a nylon ripstop frame.

Question 5

Is the kite durable?

Yes, the Flexifoil Camera Kite is highly durable. It’s made with a carbon frame for power and lightness, and a Dacron cage for spar protection. Additionally, the kite is crafted from nylon ripstop, known for its strength and lightness.

Key Takeaways

  • Flexifoil Camera Kite allows anyone to capture high-quality aerial shots easily.
  • Even in winds up to 20mph, the kite offers reliable performance.
  • Safety and organisation are prioritised with the inclusion of safety gloves and storage bags.
  • With a 60-page user manual and an easy reel in and out mechanism, flying this kite is a breeze.
  • Flexifoil, a reputable British kite company and the inventor of Power Kiting, stands behind this kite.
  • The kite is durable and lightweight, thanks to the nylon ripstop material.

So, it’s time to let your camera take flight and get ready to capture some breath-taking views with the Flexifoil Camera Kite!

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